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The 510


Welcome to the next generation of vape pens for high-grade oils. The SHERBINSKIS 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Pen features medical-grade stainless-steel components and a custom soft-touch outer surface for smooth sailing. With one-piece inner tank construction and dual-wall technology, ambient air completely cools down the coil and there’s less leakage. The proprietary battery has adjustable voltage for fine tuning to your liking, and the integrated charging port means you can easily plug into any USB port with ease.

The 510  .5 gram oil cartridge filled with  SHERBINSKIS  Gelato

The 510 .5 gram oil cartridge filled with SHERBINSKIS Gelato


Dual-wall Tank

  • Medical-grade stainless steel prevents clogging

  • Cryogenically treated coils keep hot spots at bay and create a smooth draw

  • Allows more saturation in chamber for a thick, rich vapor

Adjustable Air Flow and Heat

  • Top mouthpiece twists easily to customize flow

  • Maintains a tight seal to prevent leaking

  • Choose heat level for a better experience

Sweet Look and Feel

  • At 12 millimeters, it’s larger than most pens on the market

  • Comes in smooth, rubberized matte finish in fly Sherbinskis orange

  • Continuous LED color light wheel during heating

The 510  12V  SHERBINSKIS  battery base

The 510 12V SHERBINSKIS battery base